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Subject: Re: [geometry] a ring concept implementation of a true circle?
From: Mats Taraldsvik (mats.taraldsvik_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-09-05 12:09:28

Hi Bruno,

On 08/31/2012 04:16 PM, Bruno Lalande wrote:
> Hi Mats,
> As I haven't dug much into the current state of nsphere, I can't
> really answer your questions right now.
> Not sure to understand your last one about linestrings/segments, can
> you be more precise?

I'll try to explain:

Essentially, I believe the current geometry structure can currently only
be combined in one way, which is points->lines->rings->polygons. (?)

When I have a boost::geometry Polygon, is there a way to get to the line
or ring objects that the polygon consists of (maintaining
topology/shared geometry is therefore difficult or impossible), since
points are exposed directly?

A heterogenous collection of straight and circular lines will also be
impossible as long as the context of the objects between the points and
polygon are not available.

Concrete examples would be a road segment -- it is often both straight
and curvy. Also, administrative boundaries share geometry. :)

I'm not very good at explaining, I'm afraid. :)


> Thanks
> Bruno
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