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Subject: [geometry] How to register a custom rectangle with additional angle information
From: Holger (holger.gaus_at_[hidden])
Date: 2012-10-31 06:38:30

Hi community,

I like to use boost::geometry with custom 2D geometry types. Registration of
points, segments, polygons work so far well by use of the boost registration
macros. Now I stuck by trying to register a custom rectangle with an
additional angle information.

My custom rectangle looks something like this:

class rectangleCustom
    int m_Left;
    int m_Top;
    int m_Width;
    int m_Height;
    double m_Phi; // This member forces me to use the bg::ring registration
                       // and not the easy going rectangle registration :-(

>From my point of view I have to use the bg::ring registration and store the
4+1 point representing an rectangle and map all the points dependent of the
custom angle information.
OK, that's my theory so far but to implement this I do not have enough
knowledge in meta programming etc.
All the examples at
did not give me the right hint or I just missed the point.
What I found to do is specialization of:
1. coordinate_type
2. coordinate_system
3. dimension metafunctions
4. access structure

I stuck on 'dimension metafunctions' and the 'access structure'!
Can somebody point me to the right direction? Any help is highly


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