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Subject: Re: [geometry] [Boost-users] how to set number of points / chord length in buffer() join_round strategy?
From: John Lilley (john.lilley_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-03-03 09:21:50

>>On 28-2-2013 1:03, John Lilley wrote:
>>I see in the released buffer() algorithm, there is a chord length argument:
>>void buffer(Input const & geometry_in, Output & geometry_out, Distance const & distance, Distance const & chord_length = -1)
>>But I can't seem to find an equivalent for buffer_inserter<> with a join_round strategy. How do I set the chord length or number of approximating points?

>It was there but not yet exposed. I did put this in the constructor now. You can now construct the join_round with the number of points for a full circle. The default is 100.
>Furthermore I also added support for multi_linestring types. Note that the so-called end-cap of linestring types is not yet supported, they currently always have square ends. That will be implemented later. What is (was) already there is the asymmetric distance.
>So this (I put all these things together in the sample below) delivers the following picture. Original line is dotted, buffer is green.

Barend, I appreciate your efforts and responsiveness! Unfortunately we have to ship a release this month and boost.geometry is looking not finished enough yet. I'll be using the Clipper library, which work fairly well if I map my coordinates onto integers.

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