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Subject: [geometry] Identifying What all works well with Boost Geometry
From: Tanjot Uppal (tanjot.uppal_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-06-18 05:12:10

Dear Boosters,

I am looking for some details of features/functionality implemented in
Boost Geometry with different geometry types. It would help me
identifying what functions work fine with what all combinations and
order of geometry types and what is yet to be implemented in
0-Dimension, 1-Dimension and 2-Dimension.
Though I went through the available slides (as mentioned below) and
boost geometry docs seeking the same, but I was thinking if some of you
could help me by sharing the requested details from your repository (if
maintained likewise).

PS: This is required to identify what all would we achieve post
incorporating the Boost Geometry for our GIS module.

The help extended over the same would be highly appreciated.


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