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Subject: [geometry] polygon_90_set_data vertex iterator
From: cadlarry (larrylarryland_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-08-28 20:04:37

I just started playing with the boost::polygon library - what I can't figure
out is how to access the vertices of polygons within a polygon_set:

typedef boost::polygon::polygon_90_set_data<int> polygon_set;
polygon_set pset;

... code to insert some rectangles ...

for(polygon_set::iterator_type itr = pset.begin(); itr != pset.end(); ++itr)
vertex = (*itr);

what type is vertex - the error message when compiling suggests
std::pair<int, std::pair&lt;int, int> > -, but shouldn't there be a
polygon_set::vertex_type or something - pset.begin() and pset.end() are the
according to the documentation begin/end iterators over vertices so I assume
that's the preferred way to access vertex data - or?

Any suggestions?

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