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Subject: Re: [geometry] ring, multi_polygon concepts too limited or not
From: lepere renaud (lepere.renaud_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-09-03 17:00:31

> The issues you reported are fixed in the SVN Trunk. Are you using Trunk?
> Could you verify if your intersection is working for your
> Ring/MultiPolygon?
> Thanks, Barend

No sorry there is new problem, but it is better
1. in append_no_dups_or_spikes.hpp with the range.erase(it) method.
Perhaps the erase method could be simulated by creating a new range copy
but this could be inefficient if erase at the end...

2. While boost::geometry::concept::check< Geom::MultiPolygon >(); is ok
; i add forgot to specialize push_back, clear & resize and this leads to
errors in code like:
   MultiPolygon mp;
   boost::geometry::read_wkt(s, mp);
after adding those methods it is ok. concept::check< MultiPolygon > is
probably not strong enough.

Thanks !

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