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Subject: [geometry] dissolve and correct
From: yohann.benedic_at_[hidden]
Date: 2014-04-30 06:01:14

Hi again,

I am successfully compiling dissolve in the release branch thanks to Adam and Barend's support.
Now comes the question about its recommended usage.

Before I realized my polygon database contained self-intersecting polygons, I use to call the correct algorithm after each geometry::polygon was built to make sure it met boost::geometry standards (clockwise and duplicate ending points). What am I supposed to do now that some of my input polygons are self-intersecting : for them, clockwise or anticlockwise doesn't make sense, so I guess I should skip the call to correct, manually duplicate the endpoints and proceed directly with the dissolve algorithm. Should I then call correct on the result to fix Clockwise issue or is dissolve taking care of that for me?

Thank you

Yohann Bénédic
Wireless Engineering and Propagation
Research Engineer
tel. +33 384 544 338


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