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Subject: [geometry] [copy_segments] copy_segments does not output spikes
From: Menelaos Karavelas (menelaos.karavelas_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-04-30 09:58:46

Hi all.

I noticed that copy_segments in namespace detail::copy_segments (I am
referring to the develop branch) does not output spikes of linear
geometries. This particular free function is used in linear/areal set
operations (in case you have not already spotted that). Is there a
particular reasoning behind this behavior?

My motivation is the following: I am using copy_segments and
action_selector for implementing linear/linear set operations; there I
want to support spikes of linear geometries, which means that the
current code cannot be used as is.

I have also extended the behavior of copy_segments and action_selector
to allow for outputting spikes (by added a boolean template parameter).
See the commits (in chronological order):


As of the second commit, the default behavior is backward compatible (so
no breaks in existing code are expected).

All the best,

- m.

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