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Subject: Re: [geometry] Regression in the Variant support for distance()
From: Barend Gehrels (barend_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-05-26 07:55:34


Menelaos Karavelas wrote On 26-5-2014 13:28:
> Hi all.
> On 26/05/2014 01:53 ??, Menelaos Karavelas wrote:
>> BTW, there seems to be a problem not only with variant support on
>> distances, but also on variant support for assign.
>> Samuel, could you please look this up.
> Fixed those errors as well. The PR is here:

Thanks for finding and fixing. Merged #41/#42.

It is was broken a few days, all is looking quite yellow now.

Not a big problem, these things happen, often with new contributions,
which are of course very welcome. I did not notice because busy with
other things last days.

However, two more things about this, now this triggered it:

1) does anybody know if Boost regression matrix can mail notifications
about broken tests (which were earlier)? Or does anybody know otherwise
the most perfect tool (even if it runs locally) which checks this? There
must be an abundance on the web of course.

2) Adam, in the Contribution Tutorial, section "Modify the branch",
could you add that it is recommended to
- run all unit tests before submit (even the tests you did not work on)?
(we had a problem with this earlier)
- check your contribution with two compilers (VirtualBox/gcc is really
easy to install on Windows machines, and if Ubuntu is your local
platform, use gcc/clang)
It would be good if this is done before sending the merge/pull request.

Regards, Barend

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