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Subject: Re: [geometry] Boost Voronoi: Automate creation of graph for indoor navigation
From: Alessandro Ranellucci (alex_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-06-16 05:03:00

Stadin, Benjamin wrote:
> Now I need to automate the creation of an indoor routing graph
> (room-to-room navigation) to minimize manual works later on.
> This is not for a robot scenario – the line parts will be shown on a map
> application. Therefore it should also look good (routing edges should be
> centered etc).

Not sure this helps you, but I used Boost Voronoi for something like
that in a CAM application:

It basically generates the Voronoi diagram, then discards all segments
that are infinite or outside my boundaries and builds a half-edge graph.
The graph is traversed with a Dijkstra search. I could have used
Boost.Graph but I didn't want to pull that dependency. All of those
outer/inner things you see in the code are specific to my application
and not related to the actual motion planning you're interested in.

BTW, I really like Boost Voronoi. :)

- Alessandro

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