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Subject: Re: [geometry] Problem generating PDF documentation
From: Adam Wulkiewicz (adam.wulkiewicz_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-07-10 10:56:38

Hi Patrick,

Patrick J. Lopresti wrote:
> I have checked out the latest "modular Boost" from github.
> I followed the instructions in lib/geometry/doc/readme.txt carefully.
> I am using fop 1.1 installed via "apt-get install fop" on Linux Mint 17.
> I get the following error:
> I know precisely nothing about .fo files. But I do know a little XML,
> and if I go to line 24012 offset 1094 in
> bin.v2/libs/geometry/goc/gcc-4.8/debug/, I am in the middle
> of a table that has three "fo:table-column" tags. If I add a fourth
> such tag by hand and re-run "b2 pdf", the error goes away... only to
> be replaced by a similar error on line 24531.
> Proceeding in this way a few dozen times, I eventually wind up with a
> successful run and a decent-looking PDF file. So this looks like a bug
> in the .fo file generator (as opposed to the fop tool), although I
> admit I am not exactly qualified to tell.
> Please let me know if this report is insufficient or if I should send
> it somewhere else.

Thanks for the report.
I was able to locate a bug in doxygen_xml2qbk resulting in generation of
invalid number of columns in some tables.
The tables were not generated properly for member functions without the
return description.
It's now fixed in the develop branch.

Unfortunately there is similar problem related with the reference matrix:

It's generated from quickref.xml somehow, automatically.
It seems that the first occurence of a problem is inside the table
describing Core functionalities.
For now I don't have an Idea how this should be fixed. I'll try to find
a way.
Of course any help is appreciated.


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