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Subject: [geometry] [GSoC 2018]Project 2:Nearly antipodal points distance accuracy improvement
From: Himanshu Raj (raj.himanshu2_at_[hidden])
Date: 2018-02-16 11:34:57

Hi I am Himanshu Raj , student at National Institute of Technology
Srinagar, India.I am interested in the above project.I have read the
project description at the page.I am also working on one of the
projects of uBLAS related to GPU computations. But , the above project
also interests me a lot. So, I have decided to work on both the
projects side by side.Till now I have read the documentation of
Boost.Geometry and I will complete it by today.I am also reading to
implement those through metaprogramming techniques. There are two
links given in the project description of which only the first one is
working. 2nd link is not working.

    [1] Karney - Algorithms for geodesics (
I have also started preparing for the competency test i.e. to prepare
a test file and a header file. Please , tell me where to submit those
after I have prepared them. I think in 3-4 to days I will be able to
prepare those files.

Thank You,
Himanshu Raj

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