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Subject: [geometry] Algorithm used in boost::geometry::buffer
From: Santanu Bhowmick (santanu.bhowmick_at_[hidden])
Date: 2018-08-23 04:08:15


I'm trying to understand the algorithm underlying the buffer API in
Boost.Geometry. The top-level headers don't seem to have any citations
(apologies if I've missed it still).

I've the following queries:
1) What is the worst-case complexity of the buffer algorithm for a poly
line / polygon? I would imagine it depends on the convex/reflex vertices in
the input, so feel free to state the complexity in those terms.

2) What is the overall strategy used for getting the offset curve? Is it a
variant of the pair-wise offset strategy mentioned in "A pair-wise offset
algorithm for 2D point-sequence curve B.K. Choi*, S.C. Park (CAD 99), or
something else ? I would really appreciate some pointers in this regard?


Santanu Bhowmick

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