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From: Baidyanath Kundu (kundubaidya99_at_[hidden])
Date: 2020-03-22 16:41:24

I am interested in contributing to Boost as my GSoC organization. My choice
of library is Geometry and the project I am applying for is Project 2:
Implement support for non-cartesian geometries in convex_hull(). I have
introduced myself to my potential mentors Vissarion Fysikopoulos, Adam
Wulkiewicz over gitter. My proposal is in the early stages and it would be
great if I could get some guidance. I propose to extend Graham Andrew
strategy to polar and geographical coordinates. And implement Quickhull
strategy for 3D coordinates as well as for spherical and spherical
equatorial coordinates.

You can find my proposal here:

And my competency test can be found here:

Thanks in advance,
Baidyanath Kundu (sudo-panda)

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