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From: Ayush Gupta (ayush.gupta02071_at_[hidden])
Date: 2021-03-12 12:57:04

As per the suggestions of Vissarion, I drafted a project proposal on the idea
proposed. The draft is incomplete for now and is a basic version of the
final proposal. The reason for posting the incomplete proposal here is that
, I had some queries regarding my proposal, and it would be great if they
were answered before moving forward.

1) Is the project proposed too short or too long to be finished within the
time frame?
2) Are more details required on the implementation of the proposed topics?

I have only written about the first part of my project in the proposal. Soon
i would provide the details of the two other parts, once I know whether I am
going in the right way.
Here is the link to my proposal

Looking forward to hear from the mentors.

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