Hi Volker,

On 28-3-2013 17:12, Volker Schöch wrote:


From the “better late than never” department… It seems that in geometry 1.52.0, some of the issues I had in 1.48.0 were fixed, but not all of them.

Nice to hear from you. Yes, for 1.52 many bugs were fixed. I'm currently also fixing some bugs.

Please find below some code that still triggers "Overlay invalid input exception" (in the last statement of each example).


Maybe you could have another look at these issues? If you prefer, I could as well file these issues in Boost Trac. If so, do you prefer one combined ticket, or a separate ticket for every code example?

Yes, I prefer that this issue is filed as a ticket. Especially after such a long time, and there were several items at that time, I cannot remember which was this issue and what I researched (though I can find these WKT's in my programs indeed).

Please file them separately, unless you already know it is the same issue, if that is the case, please combine them. Separate tickets are handy because I can close them if fixed, and continue with the next.

There are still some tickets in the Trac, but I also solved several, last months.

Was this the issue with the spikey polygon going forwards and backwards over the same line? I remember that this was one of the issues you had. If that is the case, it will probably take longer to solve because I'm first concentrating on valid polygons...

Regards, Barend