Hi Bruno,

On 22-6-2013 15:37, Bruno Lalande wrote:

Ok, the Vector Concept looks obvious as it would be probably exactly the same as Point.

Yep, as I said one question is: should vector_type<point> just return point by default, and users interested in vector/point differentiation would have to state it by specializing the metafunction (or calling a convenience macro)? or should it enforce point/vector differentiation straight away? Personally, for backward compatibility and "simplicity by default" reasons, I'd vote for the former.

Probably only one questionable thing is coordinate_system. Should we allow Vectors with coordinates defined in some other than cartesian coordinate system?

No idea, not familiar enough with non-cartesian systems to say if it makes sense. Barend what would you say?

Yes, it makes sense and would need a similar (or same) interface... return_difference<Point>(point1, point2) would be applied to Cartesian points or to Spherical / Geographic points. For lat-lon it would return a course/distance pair, this way you can add the calculated vector to a point1 and get point2 back. In this case a vector-type is something different than a point-type, more than in cartesian cases.

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