Hi Barend,
I have looked at test_buffer.hpp.
It gave me some tips on how to compute a buffer with buffer_inserter but I can't figure out how to define 2 templates : JoinStrategy and EndStrategy.
Could you help me to define them ?

Here is an easy code sample to go from a linestring to a buffered polygon.

typedef boost::geometry::model::d2::point_xy<double, boost::geometry::cs::cartesian> Point_type; 
typedef boost::geometry::model::polygon<Point_type> Polygon_type;///CCW closed cartesian polygon	
typedef boost::geometry::model::linestring<Point_type> LineString_type;///CCW closed cartesian polygon	
typedef boost::geometry::coordinate_type<LineString_type>::type coordinate_type;
typedef Point_type point_type;
typedef Point_type output_point_type;

LineString_type boostTrajectory; //my line string to buffer
//to be initialized here

    distance_strategy(bufferDistance, bufferDistance);

std::vector<Polygon_type> buffered; //buffered result

boost::geometry::buffer_inserter<Polygon_type>(boostTrajectory, std::back_inserter(buffered),

Joan Abadie

2013/10/21 Barend Gehrels <barend@xs4all.nl>
Hi Joan,

joan wrote On 21-10-2013 16:08:


I also need the feature to have a buffer feature in order to go from a
linestring to a polygon.
I have read many posts on the subject but I couldn't manage to compute a
buffer using boost 1.54 or trunk.

When will the feature be planned ?
Is there some hacks (using buffer_inserter ...) that enable this computing
in the trunk ?

Sure, in trunk it is possible, using extensions. The best "example" is the testcode in test_buffer.hpp

Let me know if I can help more, I did plan to work in this in the near future again.

It is not yet ready, there are some issues, you may encounter them, but depending on your cases it might be useful for you.

I cannot yet say when it will be in Release.

Regards, Barend

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