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That's great. In fact we have a raw version of guidelines for developers (thanks to Mateusz), it mainly describes formatting the code but maybe you'll find it interesting: http://github.com/boostorg/geometry/blob/develop/doc/guidelines.qbk.

Thanks a lot, I will definitely study that.

I'm curious, why did you add AABBbox and LineSegment? BG already has n-dimensional box and segment. Is it just a naming thing?

Actually, I am using intersection between 3D polyhedra in a geometrical method for simulating two-phase flow and I was not sure if I should couple that code to BG and extend BG from the start. I decided to keep the geometry and the two-phase flow simulation code self-sustained since there are just a few concepts and algorithms required to get it to run - compared to a general geometrical framework like BG.  Also, the users of OpenFOAM are not used to relying on boost, at all , since the entire framework (1.2 Million lines of code) is written in C++98. The idea was: if I manage to come up with the design similar to one in BG, I can detach the code and make it more generally applicable and think about introducing it as an external dependency, otherwise I leave it as it is.

Btw, intersects()/disjoints() works for n-dimensional pairs Point/Box, Segment/Box and Linestring/Box (last two released in 1.55). In case you'd like to check it out.

Thanks a lot, will do.

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