Hi Bruno,

Bruno Lalande wrote On 24-2-2014 10:46:

Sorry for the late reaction. Good idea indeed. Not sure we need Proto, given the limited number of operators will be using (just one AFAICT). We should try without first. Also, Proto is a very complex library and trying to manually do its job first is usually a good way to understand it.

Sure - I mentioned Proto just to spread the knowlegde of similar experimental UDL that I had done. Not really to advocate the usage, I agree it is complex.

But besides that I think using chaining operators is a little more convenient, think of boost::tuple_list_of of Boost.Assign which is IMO more convenient to use than compile-time strings, and looks better.

"((1 0, 1 3, 3 3, 3 0, 1 0))"_ring
ring_type ring = tuple_list_of(16, 1)(15,2)(14, 3)(13,4)(12,3.14)(1,6);
Such things are easy to create (also without proto).

Regards, Barend