Bruno Lalande wrote:

Do you think that the support for C++11 initializer_list is needed (and sufficient). It would probably look like this:

polygon_type polygon{ {{0, 0},{0, 10},{10, 10},{10, 0},{0, 0}} ,
{1, 1},{2, 1},{2, 2},{1, 2},{1, 1}} };

or that we should also provide a chaining tool working in C++98?

Do we really have the choice? Aren't Boost libraries supposed to always support pure C++98?

I doubt it. Around Boost various features are used  when they're supported by the compiler. Often they're of course emulated in C++98 but even then this has limitations so effectively there are things which can be done only in C++11. What is more, some people on the list already mentioned about the implementation of libraries which would require some features from C++11 to compile.

We could just check: