Hi Dan,

Macumber, Daniel wrote On 13-5-2014 15:38:

Does boost geometry have any functionality for snapping vertices to line segments during intersections?  For example if I have a large surface with vertices:


LargeSurface << (0,0) << (10,0) << (10,10) << (0,10)


And a smaller surface with vertices:


SmallSurface << (0+eps, 4) << (10,4) << (10,6) << (0+eps, 6)


I would like to define a tolerance where if abs(eps) < tolerance, the vertices of SmallSurface are projected to the edges of the LargeSurface.  Does that make sense?  Is there any good approach for doing this?

This is not supported by Boost.Geometry.
You might go to integer (possibly multiplying coordinates) and after that go back. But that is not exactly the same and might cause rounding issues.

Regards, Barend