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On 18/05/2014 12:01 πμ, Bruno Lalande wrote:
Hi Menelaos,

I take it this macro is not defined by default? In which case, it's not very surprising. I often had problems testing variants when the test does debugging/visualizating stuff with

No it is not defined by default.

the geometry itself because the metafunction it calls are obviously not variant aware. I'm having this problem right now with union. But I wasn't aware that this could also sometimes be hidden behind a macro, that makes things even more tricky...

This is exactly what is happening, and in this case it was hidden behind the macro.

I already fixed the issue the following way (not necessarily the best): when GEOMETRY_TEST_DEBUG is defined, the test for variants is re-activated. So for the purposes of Boost regression tests variants are tested (GEOMETRY_TEST_DEBUG is not defined), but internally we can ran with GEOMETRY_TEST_DEBUG defined, but will not test for variants).
If you have a better idea on how to handle this, let me know.

There is a related pull request: https://github.com/boostorg/geometry/pull/32

If you agree with the fix, you may accept the PR.


- m.

P.S. Testing with -DGEOMETRY_TEST_DEBUG revealed another minor bug in the unit test for perimeter: at some point bg::perimeter_result was used, which (from what I saw in the code) it has been replaced by bg::default_length_result. The fix is also part of the same PR (above).


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