For those of you which doesn't follow the discussion on Boost developers mailing list. We now have a new module, Boost.Core. It's a module for various light-weight tools with nearly no dependencies. Headers from Utility, Detail, etc. are being moved into it.

Today the new tool was added - boost::ignore_unused(). More or less it's upgraded boost::ignore_unused_variable_warning(). It allows handling more unused variables than one and unused typedefs as well. Like this:

#include <boost/core/ignore_unused.hpp>

// ...

boost::ignore_unused(v1, v2, v3);
boost::ignore_unused<T1, T2, T3>();

I'd like to use it to fix GCC >=4.8 unused local typedefs warnings (in strategies concept checks). This means that in order to properly build tests you'd need to update ModularBoost (and if needed manually initialize the new module - I was forced to do it on Windows but maybe I did something wrong).

Are you ok with this?