Thanks for the feedback. My case is actually a super simple one, just a 5 point ring in the shape of a (rotated) rectangle. Is there perhaps an old version that already exists and would work for such a simple case?

Andrew Hundt

On Thu, Jun 5, 2014 at 5:11 PM, Barend Gehrels <> wrote:
Hi Andrew,

Andrew Hundt wrote On 4-6-2014 20:05:

I believe I need buffer() as well.

Is this buffer implementation an expanded one that will work for polygons? I noticed that the 1.55 version said it is only implemented for the box type.

Also is it in the develop branch and essentially ready for use? Finally, would it perhaps work if I dropped it into 1.55? I know there were changes to strategies and such recently so I figured it may be affected here.

There is currently being worked on. It depends on the scheme vs. the progress if it will be released.

It cannot be dropped from develop into 1.55, the code is too different. Basically many of the work for robustness of intersections was meant for buffers too. Now that that is ready, I can continue (and I'm currently doing that) with buffer. It generates buffers, but it contains still errors, mostly due to the new approach so should be fixable.

I will mail in a few days more info.

Regards, Barend

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