2014-06-14 15:50 GMT+02:00 Adam Wulkiewicz <adam.wulkiewicz@gmail.com>:

I've noticed some interesting errors on some platforms. It would be interesting to try to know what's the cause and fix or prepare workaround if possible.


1. Most of the tests of Sandia-intel-11.1 runner. Surprisingly, not all. E.g.:


Run fail: signal: SIGSEGV, si_code: 0 (memory access violation at address: 0x00000000)

May this be caused by passing dummy pointer set to 0 to the ignore_unused_variable_warning() function in core/access.hpp?

If you agree I'd like to get rid of the pointers and instead use:

detail::signature_getset_dimension const& dummy = detail::signature_getset_dimension()

of course if this is still needed. Otherwise we could think about removing them.

I may be mistaken but AFAIR I implemented a few overloads of some function with different number of template parameters somewhere and everything works (tests pass on all tested platforms).
Is it possible that this was a problem for some old versions of GCC for which the support was dropped?