Hi folks,

I guess people here may also have some interest in a 2D graphic library, so I'd like to introduce my small library, which is still in very early stage.

This library, which I call "niji", requires C++14, and it only deals with path, so you have to incorporate some graphic engine to render the paths.

The motivation is to provide a general way to manipulate paths, like STL/Boost.Range, so you can write a graphic once, use it everywhere.

Please bear in mind that I'm not an expert in computer graphics/geometry, so the implementation may not be good enough, and many numeric methods are borrowed from Skia or other graphics libs. I'd like to have path boolean (which has to handle curves), but I'm not knowledgeable enough to do this myself, so it's still missing. <sigh>

Anyway, if you want to take a look, it's hosted on github:

Currently lacks of doc/test, but the tutorial and examples may give you some idea.

Feedback will be appreciated, and if any geometry guru could help to improve, it'd be great :)