2014-08-28 1:42 GMT+08:00 feverzsj <feverzsj@hotmail.com>:
  Thanks for your contribution. I think it's a very handy lib.
  I've been using AGG to process geo data for a while. Its vertex pipeline
design is not very easy to adapt, and the development is quite over for a
long time.
  I'd say your lib is just somthing that I want.

Glad to hear :)

The idea of pipeline is also inspired by AGG, and I did do something similar with AGG as you did. The difficulty with AGG is that it uses external iterator pattern, which makes it hard/tedious to write a graphic or an adaptor, because the path has to keep some state for traversal. In my lib, I promote the use of visitor, so defining a graphic or an adaptor is straight forward.