Volker Schöch wrote:


Do you have any recommendations for an online WKT plotter, or some small utility to run on a Windows machine?


I found

-       http://dev.openlayers.org/sandbox/docs/examples/wkt.html

-       http://arthur-e.github.io/Wicket/

but they seem to be strictly oriented towards geographic coordinates which makes it quirky to use with the kinds of coordinates I have in my system (would require some scaling).


The WKT I want to plot is the following (just to give you an idea):

MULTIPOLYGON(((1371 932,1371 789,3171 789,3171 2589,3156 1669,3156 1650,2262 1200,1371 932)),((1371 1672,2262 2160,1341 2589,1371 2589,1371 1672)))


This multi-polygon does not satisfy is_valid and in fact runs into an "Overlay invalid input exception" when used as a parameter to difference, but at first glance I cannot see why. I’ll plot it on paper for this time, but if you have a suggestion for a tool it would be very much appreciated.


FYI, it's possible to generate SVG files like this:

    namespace bg = boost::geometry;
    typedef typename bg::point_type<G>::type P;
    std::ofstream svg(filename.c_str(), std::ios::trunc);
    bg::svg_mapper<P> mapper(svg, 500, 500);
    mapper.map(g, "fill-opacity:0.5;fill:rgb(153,204,0);"

You could open it in any vector-graphic program like Inkscape or a web browser.