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Unfortunately I have not hear from you in this regard. It seems that I still cannot reliably reproduce the issue, but when it occurs, it occurs in the following scenario. Apparently, something is broken in your memory management:


{      // RT#8837

       _intPolygon polygonA;

       boost::geometry::read_wkt("MULTIPOLYGON(((488 2035,527 2035,527 2093,488 2093)))", polygonA); // does not throw


       _intRect rectB;

       boost::geometry::read_wkt("BOX(417 2064,597 2064)", rectB); // does not throw


       _intPolygon polygonC;

       boost::geometry::difference(polygonA, rectB, polygonC); // ACCESS VIOLATION



Maybe you could make an effort and step through this simple example once to see if everything works as expected?


I understand that the box and/or the polygon may not conform to all requirements (not spike-free etc.) but in any case, IMO the geometry library should not crash with a memory fault.


As always, my points are based on int and my polygons are counter-clockwise and not closed.


Please see the attached program and its output, which works for me.
Do you think you can reproduce the problem in a standalone program?

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we have seen an access violation deep inside boost geometry. We are still working on a simple reproduction, which may take while. In the meantime, maybe you have some idea what went wrong, or some suggestion how to avoid this situation?


Here is where it happened:


template<typename Turns, typename Operations>

inline void update_discarded(Turns& turn_points, Operations& operations)


    // Vice-versa, set discarded to true for discarded operations;

    // AND set discarded points to true

    for (typename boost::range_iterator<Operations>::type it = boost::begin(operations);

         it != boost::end(operations);



        if (turn_points[it->index].discarded) <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< access violation


            it->discarded = true;


        else if (it->discarded)


            turn_points[it->index].discarded = true;





Please find the callstack attached.




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We are looking for C++ Developers:http://www.think-cell.com/career

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