I investigated Volker's example and found the problems are caused by undefined behaviour within the comparison function object sort_on_segment_and_ratio, which is used for sorting vectors of indexed_turn_operation.


Running Volker's code, we get into the following callstack:


copy_segment_point(... SegmentIdentifier const& seg_id, .... )









difference(polygonA, rectB, polygonC);



Note that  the seg_id argument for copy_segment_point is taken from the indexed turn operations being compared (i.e., either subject.seg_id or subject.other_id).


If seg_id.source_index == -1, copy_segment_points does not copy any data, thus the computation continues with random junk values from the stack :-(


This is exactly what happens in Volker's example, as some of the turning points have other_id.source_index == -1.

As a consequence, sort_on_segment_and_ratio::operator()(...) gives nondeterministic comparision results which confuses Visual Studio's std::sort implementation so much that it starts writing to memory locations outside the input range (Please note that this is NOT a bug of std::sort).


I do not have the expertise to tell where these negative source_index values come from and whether these values are to be expected or if they arise due to some issue. It would be nice if someone could look into this.






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Unfortunately I have not hear from you in this regard. It seems that I still cannot reliably reproduce the issue, but when it occurs, it occurs in the following scenario. Apparently, something is broken in your memory management:


{      // RT#8837

       _intPolygon polygonA;

       boost::geometry::read_wkt("MULTIPOLYGON(((488 2035,527 2035,527 2093,488 2093)))", polygonA); // does not throw


       _intRect rectB;

       boost::geometry::read_wkt("BOX(417 2064,597 2064)", rectB); // does not throw


       _intPolygon polygonC;

       boost::geometry::difference(polygonA, rectB, polygonC); // ACCESS VIOLATION



Maybe you could make an effort and step through this simple example once to see if everything works as expected?


I understand that the box and/or the polygon may not conform to all requirements (not spike-free etc.) but in any case, IMO the geometry library should not crash with a memory fault.


As always, my points are based on int and my polygons are counter-clockwise and not closed.