I agree completely: Boost.Geometry is not the place to implement SRS per se,  But, if the design of CS functionality anticipates an interface it may, in the long run, attract more interest among the geo-spatial community in the Boost.Geometry packages; which would be a very good thing.  I use both Boost and GDAL and anything that makes it easier to integrate the two is good news to me.


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Hi Mark,

Mark Millman wrote:
While it's fair to be concerned about interdependence between projects there is the well supported Geospatial Data Abstraction Library (GDAL) and specifically the OGRSpatialReference class -- http://www.gdal.org/classOGRSpatialReference.html

These are well established projects widely used within the Open Source Geospatial developer community, written in C++ (and some C).

Thanks for the link! Definietly we should some day support various SRSs and make them available out of the box for the user. Though I think it's not necessary to support various SRSs on a strategy level. Strategies are rather low level functionality. When they're used we already know the coordinate system and a reference model (cartesian plane/space, sphere, spheroid/ellipsoid or maybe some other in the future). The only thing we need is the parameters. AFAIU SRSs, projections, EPSG codes, etc. should be somewhere on a higher level.

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