Hi Eric.

On 26/05/2015 08:06 μμ, Eric MSP Veith wrote:
Hi Menelaos,

On Tuesday 26 May 2015 17:05:23, Menelaos Karavelas 
<menelaos.karavelas@gmail.com> wrote:
Thanks a lot!
I did it: #11346: Segment iterator does not work with ranges returning values 
instead of references

The Trac instance is painfully slow, but I also managed to attach your test 

I would like to ask one more thing from you. The fix in my previous
attachment was not really what I intended it to be.
Could you please try the one attached in this email and see if it works
as the previous one? Thanks.
Done; it works equally well as the previous version --- at least from my 
perspective. :)

Thank you very much for your time and efforts!

I have submitted the patch (see PR #298: https://github.com/boostorg/geometry/pull/298).
I will close the ticket once this PR gets merged.
In the meantime I suggest that you either use the patched file I sent you, or switch to using the BG develop branch until boost 1.59 is out.

Thanks for helping figuring out this bug.

- m.

			--- Eric

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