Perhaps it is a good idea to create a the boost::polygon as a number of posts address the library. I also have some questions regarding this boost::polygon.

Regarding traits, I am not sure if semantics is really that important to get the job done. Perhaps the author was of the same opinion at the time. 

Regarding "p0()" instead of "p0", it could be for the same reason as in "point_xy<>" in boost geometry - so that one could an accessor and/or be able to store a sack of potatoes as a CoordinateType. :)


On 12 February 2016 at 16:12, Adam Wulkiewicz <> wrote:
Darren Pearce-lazard wrote:
Oh ok. Apologies for the mis-posting. However, I did get to this list by searching for Andrii Sydorchuk (the author of the Voronoi code):

There seem to be other Voronoi posts there. Do you still think I should re-post to boost developers/users?

He indeed seems to be a subscriber though on other mailing lists you could reach more people. I guess you may wait some time before reposting but it's up to you :)

If you have a fix you could also consider creating a pull request directly on Github:
The documentation is in the /doc directory.

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