Hi there,

a year or so ago I brought up (I can't remember exactly with who or where) the possibility of contributing a concave hull algorithm and the good news is that I'm close to convincing my work to open-source an implementation I wrote.

To justify additional effort in preparing the code for release, they (senior leads) want to confirm that other people actually want it. I think that's hard for other people to give without seeing the actual code, but what I'm hoping for from the maintainers is just a non-binding "yes" that, in principle, you would be interested in an implementation of the concave hull algorithm described in the following paper:


There would be no obligation for you to accept or take custody of the code (obviously), they just want to know that we're not wasting our time preparing it. I originally wrote it with contribution in mind, so I really just need to do some polishing, make it respectable, etc.

Hope you're interested. Thanks, cheers.