Yes, I am!

That's a different, slightly tangential point. Boost.Polygon seems rather limited in scope and as a user of Boost, it was very unintuitive for me to seek out a specific polygon-based library that wasn't in Boost.Geometry.

After all, the Delaunay triangulation and Voronoi tessellations are popular problems in the realm of computational geometry.

Instead, I'd much rather see Geometry be expanded to include mesh generation. Or perhaps we can break this out into a separate Boost.Mesh library.

I chose Boost.Geometry because it has a dedicated mailing list and should be full of people with a passion for computational geometry so I was hoping for a discussion about possible user-facing APIs/algorithmic design choices.

- Chris

On Thu, Jun 29, 2017 at 10:25 AM, Barend Gehrels via Geometry <> wrote:
Hi Christian,

Welcome to the list!

Op 29-6-2017 om 18:49 schreef Christian Mazakas via Geometry:
So, the ever-arrogant programmer that I am recently discovered that Boost.Polygon does not support 3D Voronoi diagrams. This simply cannot be!



Yes, first to verify, are you aware that this mailing list is for Boost.Geometry and you talk about Boost.Polygon, which is another library?

Regards, Barend
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