On 27 April 2018 at 03:11, Adam Wulkiewicz via Geometry <geometry@lists.boost.org> wrote:
Hi Jeremy,

The most simple solution I found for now is to place forward declarations of hemisphere and your intersects() overloads before #include<boost/geometry.hpp>, so:

Thanks, I had a feeling it was that simple.
Note that hemisphere doesn't have to be defined in the bg::model namespace and that traits are not needed.

Yeah, I realize that but I was planning to offer the whole thing up as a contribution if it works well, so I guess I was just starting down that road.
Also, having the traits helps a bit when something goes wrong.

P.S. you have a bug here: https://github.com/jeremy-murphy/concave_hull/blob/master/hemisphere.hpp#L48
You're passing a point to a 2-argument set() function which is used for segments and boxes. Either remove the first argument or pass segment instead of a point.

Aha, yes, thanks.