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>> I'm trying to run the Geometry libs tests suite to verify an invalid? geometry I have. I added it as an additional testcase (r34) but have failed to trigger the test suite. (I have never before used JamFiles)
>> As a background note: I'm testing in boost because Mysql 5.7 is declaring this geometry as invalid, and it defers the validation to the boost libs. I'm trying to track down what is exactly wrong with the geometry.
>> I attach the geometry in question if anyone is curious.
>> You have to setup Boost (bootstrap + b2 headers) and then run b2 passing the directory containing tests e.g. go to libs/geometry directory and run:
>> ../../b2 test
>> or
>> ../../b2 test/algorithms
>> [...]
>> But I'm curious, why not prepare a simple test file loading WKT with bg::read_wkt() and calling bg::is_valid() and run it by yourself with choosen compiler?
> I don't have anything setup for C++ so I though just minimally touching something that is working should serve my needs.

It seems that DB-based approach may be easier for you than C++.

I'd rather use PostGIS to validate geometries, especially regarding
OGC compliance

As you suggested I went on the DB route. These are my findings for future reference:
 I ran the same (or equivalent where applicable) query in:
MySql 5.6: Success
MySql 5.7.23: Failure
MySql 8.0.12: Success
Postgres server 10.5: Success
MSSQL 2016: Success

I attach the query for the curious.