Hi Matthieu,

Op 7-3-2019 om 22:54 schreef Matthieu Beghin via Geometry:
Hi Barend,
Thanks for your answer.
All my polygons are correct, calling bg::correct didn't solve.
But defining BOOST_GEOMETRY_NO_ROBUSTNESS solved both cases...
I'm working with double precision in a small value range (generally 0.0 - 100.0). Is there a recommandation for value ranges ?

Great that that fix it - and good to know, I will add these cases to the testsuite.

No, for double precision not really (though you can push it to the limits), 0-100 should be fine. Also with rescaling that range should basically be fine, but there are some known issues.

Let me know if you unfortunately encounter a scenario which goes wrong with BOOST_GEOMETRY_NO_ROBUSTNESS being defined...

Regards, Barend