I'd like to get asymetric buffer (buffering only on one side) on a line string working but it doesn't, with boost 1.68.
The path is in green here, the buffer output in black (and below the green path). Code below.

Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 17.51.46.png
        lineString_t inputRing;
        bg::append(inputRing, points);

        bg::strategy::buffer::join_miter join_strategy(2);
        bg::strategy::buffer::end_flat end_strategy;
        bg::strategy::buffer::point_circle circle_strategy(24);
        bg::strategy::buffer::side_straight side_strategy;

        multiPolygon_t inflated;
        bg::strategy::buffer::distance_asymmetric<double> inflatingStrategy(feathering/2,0);
        bg::buffer(inputRing, inflated,
                    inflatingStrategy, side_strategy,
                    join_strategy, end_strategy, circle_strategy);

Any chance it has been fixed in later releases ? (upgrading is a process with Windows, macOS & raspberry pi builds)
Thanks a lot!
Matthieu Beghin