Hi Matthieu,

Op 20-8-2019 om 18:09 schreef Matthieu Beghin via Geometry:
I'd like to get asymetric buffer (buffering only on one side) on a line string working but it doesn't, with boost 1.68.
The path is in green here, the buffer output in black (and below the green path). Code below.

Screenshot 2019-08-20 at 17.51.46.png
        lineString_t inputRing;
        bg::append(inputRing, points);

        bg::strategy::buffer::join_miter join_strategy(2);
        bg::strategy::buffer::end_flat end_strategy;
        bg::strategy::buffer::point_circle circle_strategy(24);
        bg::strategy::buffer::side_straight side_strategy;

        multiPolygon_t inflated;
        bg::strategy::buffer::distance_asymmetric<double> inflatingStrategy(feathering/2,0);
        bg::buffer(inputRing, inflated,
                    inflatingStrategy, side_strategy,
                    join_strategy, end_strategy, circle_strategy);

Any chance it has been fixed in later releases ? (upgrading is a process with Windows, macOS & raspberry pi builds)
Thanks a lot!

Thanks for your message. I cannot predict if it is fixed. Can you create an issue, including the WKT (or another representation) of your input, here?


Even if we don't have the time to jump on it immediately, in the end we will.

Thanks, regards, Barend