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is there a possibility how I could find out which Boost.Geometry Library version is compatible with Compiler: gcc-c++.x86_64 version 4.8.5

By reading the release notes of the past releases, e.g.

You should/may be able to use Boost.Geometry from Boost 1.74

I ask because it was not obvious to know that Boost.Geometry Library version 1.75 needs

Because that information can be easily derived from C++14 requirement
- it is assumed users know what C++ versions are supported by the compilers of their choice.

Such list is difficult to maintain to keep up to date and correct.

at least a GCC version 5 since on the official homepage older GCC Compilers are also listed under the section "Supported compilers": https://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_75_0/libs/geometry/doc/html/geometry/compilation.html

Ha! You see, such lists get out of date quickly :)
This is a bug and the list needs to be updating indeed.

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