Hi Panagiotis,

W dniu 31.08.2021 o 03:00, Panagiotis SIMATIS via Geometry pisze:



I would like to know which algorithm is used for packing the RTree.


In the introduction both STR and TGS are referenced.

Is the packing algorithm a hybrid of these two?


If so, how does that work? If an explanation is tedious, I am happy to look through the code if you could provide me the path.

Yest, it's a hybrid of these two algorithms and is also related to the creation algorithm of a variant of kd-tree (balanced kdtree storing points in contiguous memory space). The difference between r-tree and this kd-tree variant is that there are more children nodes per node and that objects different than points can be stored so if needed the R-tree algorithm works on centroids. Here is a short description and the code:


Out of curiosity, why do you ask?