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Re: [glas] MTL3 design ? [was MTL project site is up]

From: Patrick Kowalzick (patrick.kowalzick_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-02-03 16:01:39

Hi David,


> Now you're talking about
> (click the
> message subject to see the whole thread).

Thanks, I have to take a deeper look.

> No, I meant that it's a behavior of some specific types that satisfy
> the Vector concept. Nobody has made a clear case that convinces me
> the library should supply a vector type with runtime resizing
> restrictions.

My main reason is purly semanticaly based:
Given a 2D coordinate, I normaly would not like that it transforms in
something that has <>2 values, just because someone thinks about resizing
it. If I can just tell my vector that it is not resizable....nice :).