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[glas] Re: linear algebra traits

From: Thorsten Ottosen (nesotto_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-02-08 06:33:20

|| From: Yves Renard <Yves.Renard_at_[hidden]>
| very nice.
|| In fact it is an evolution of the gathering of MTL and ITL. I simplified
| (and
|| corrected sometimes) the iterative solvers and preconditionners, I added
| some
|| also.
|| Concerning the basic linear algebra representation, all the generic
| algorithms
|| have been rewrited. What I added is an extension of the linalg_traits<T>
|| structure which, in GMM, gives all the necessary information for the
|| algorithms to work with the vector or matrix type. So that, theoretically,
| an
|| extern vector or matrix type which is sufficiently compatible can be
|| interfaced with GMM just writing the corresponding linalg_traits<T>
|| structure. For instance, the basic plain vector used is simply std::vector.
| As somebody else said, this is where the new library should start...
| with generic algorithms.
| seem ok, but I would recommend the approach I follow in
| boost.range, so all member become freestanding functions and
| metafunctions.
| -Thorsten