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[glas] Skalar-Like concepts from GLAS and MTL

From: Peter Gottschling (pgottsch_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-05-18 15:08:14

Hi everybody:

I tried to combine the concepts from the GLAS proposal and the MTL.
Once started, other concepts were added in order to give a complete
picture. There are many small sample programs in the paper to show that
the large number of concepts does not imply lengthy codes.

As the paper became longer than I expected I put the main ideas on the
first one and a half pages. So, everybody can choose in how much detail
he wants to follow the single ideas.

An important aspect of these concepts is that for instance
AdditiveGroup is a refinement of Group, as in the GLAS proposal, but in
an implementable way. In addition, pure algebraic structures are not
only defined informally but also as concepts for C++ template code and
several examples are given how to use them. As a result of the concept
refinements, each type modeling a multiplicative or additive concept
can call functions for the corresponding pure algebraic concepts using
default functors.

The concepts so far cover the area of scalar-like concepts (and even
there are still some open details). I added some sources to play around
with. Any comment is welcome.

Best Regards and Happy Reading,

Peter Gottschling
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Open Systems Laboratory
Indiana University
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