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Re: [glas] dense and sparse vectors

From: Toon Knapen (toon.knapen_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-08-07 15:32:31

C J Kenneth Tan -- OptimaNumerics wrote:
> The benchmarks of dense daxpy and dgemm, running against system
> vendors' implementations, will be interesting to see.
> More interesting would be higher level code, such as dposv, dppsv,
> dgesv, dgeev, dgesvd, dsyev, dgels, or their equivalents. While daxpy
> and dgemm code are relatively straight forward, tuning these higher
> level code is often non-trivial, especially if the code is to be
> platform independent.

I was mainly planning to benchmark 'sparse axpy' of different libraries
(I'm currently using mtl-v2.1.22, oski-1.0 and ublas). I indeed
mentioned 'dense' also but mainly because I also plan to benchmark the
sparse axpy against the dense versions.

As for having a 'dense axpy' implementation in glas itself: Glas should
probably not try to outperform vendor-blas axpy's: the vendor-optimised
axpy's are already there, hard to compete with although not generic.
That's also we stated in the requirements of glas to be able to use 3rd
party backends (