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Re: [glas] Concept C++ [was Re: back to business}

From: Karl Meerbergen (karl.meerbergen_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-11-23 02:17:15

> > Aside from
> > spending a few hours reading the proposal, I have never used concept gcc.
> > Maybe someone else on this list has? My impression was though, it would
> > be the killer feature for linear algebra libs.
> I believe Concept C++ could be a big help in the design and
> implementation of GLAS, because it will allow you to ensure that the
> concepts you write down are actually the concepts that you use, and
> should make writing correct generic algorithms simpler. That said, you
> should not depend on ConceptGCC as your only compiler: it is a prototype
> for a not-yet-standard variant of C++. We have some experience with
> writing generic libraries that provide the same behavior with and
> without concepts. This allows us to develop with concepts (to make sure
> we get things right) but deploy code that works on existing C++
> compilers. This is the approach I would recommend, and of course we'll
> be happy to help.

I agree that conceptGCC is a great help for checking concepts in GLAS.
It will reduce development time and keep models consistent with concept
changes (which is unavoidable at this stage).

> Although I am not well-versed in linear algebra, as the primary author
> of ConceptGCC I will be happy to help with any questions or technical
> issues regarding Concept C++ and ConceptGCC. I do lurk on the GLAS list,
> but if I seem slow to respond to a query, please ping me directly.

Thanks! That can be very helpful. I will have a look at conceptGCC the
coming weeks.


> Best Regards,
> Douglas Gregor
> Open Systems Lab @ Indiana University
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