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Re: [glas] proposals

From: Karl Meerbergen (Karl.Meerbergen_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-04-04 14:10:51


I am preparing a proposal for an extendable backend system and concepts
for vectors (and scalars to some extent).

One of the design decisions I would like to make is to use free
functions as much as possible. I think that free functions would make
life alot easier and extensions more straightforward. I will explain
later in detail.

Does someone have a strong objection against
size(v) instead of v.size(), stride(v) instead of v.stride() ?

Similarly, one could argue that meta functions are preferred to members,
size_type<V>::type rather than V::size_type.

However, concept C++ suggests to organize this in a slightly different
way, e.g.
where VectorExpression is a concept.
In pure C++, VectorExpression would be a traits blob.
Therefore, I prefere the latter notation to meta functions with a single
type member.