On Oct 3, 2005, at 12:39 PM, Karl Meerbergen wrote:


We now have started the development of some functions for vectors since 
a few weeks. All of them rely on the fact that the value_type's are 
numerical value types (NumericValue concept). In the first document 
about GLAS we supposed that vectors and matrices only contain numerical 
values. I recall vague suggestions on the mailing list on expanding the 
value_type to other than float, double, std::complex<float>, 

Before continuing with any more new algorithms, it might be good to know 
which other value_type's should be supported.

We need to use matrices and vectors of symbolic expressions in some of our applications, and it would thus be important that not only numeric values but any value could be supported. Why should there be a restriction to floating point and complex types only?